x-mas event 2007

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x-mas event 2007

Post  frazieca on Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:06 am

A white Christmas has come to RuneScape this year! It is a gift from the Queen of Snow, who has enlisted her cheeky snow imps for a festive task: to bring snow to some of RuneScape's major settlements. As far as the imps are concerned, you can do what you like with it: there's plenty more where it came from!

So, what can you do with snow? For a start you can make snowballs and, unlike last Christmas's snowballs, you can throw them at other players. If you ever get tired of pelting each other with snowballs, you can use the same snow to build snowmen. The snow imps will even provide a selection of hats to add a finishing touch. The hats are infused with Christmas magic, so they might do more to the snowmen than just make them look good.

Once you've built a snowman, the snow imps will give you a chance to visit the Land of Snow itself and contribute to the great Snow Tournament. The Queen of Snow herself presides over the tournament and, this being Christmas, she might even have a present for you.

The Christmas event is open for two weeks and can be accessed by both free-to-play and members.


Where to start the 2007 Christmas Event
Talk to the snow imps in Draynor, Falador, Ardougne, Burthorpe or Rellekka.

Note: The snowman hats and accessories will disappear once the Christmas event ends.

Access to
A snowman area the size of Draynor Village
Snowballs that can be thrown at other players
A total of eight different snowmen that can be built
New item and emote!


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